domenica 15 marzo 2009

experiments about honey crystallization

I just found out that fructose when heated up becomes the stable form, glucose.. now honey contains: 20% water, 40% glucose and 40% fructose (of course these values depend of the honey type). It turns out that fructose is more soluble than glucose so we expect the crystals on the bottom of the honey glass to be glucose.

Then I propose two experiments to prove that:
1) Take honeys which contain more glucose than others: do they crystallize sooner and faster?
2) It is known that glucose is more stable than fructose: therefore if you take honey, heat it (according to this, the temperature of a hot coffee, say 60 Celsius degrees, should suffice.. ) and let it cool down, probably the molecules of fructose will become glucose, so we expect much higher crystallization rate after heating!

3 commenti:

  1. why is it written on almost each dense honey bin that, if it is too cristallized, it suffices to heat the honey in order to make it clearer, i.e. diminish the cristallization rate?

  2. hi Margui..

    eh.. actually that procedure works, since it helps the sugar to dilute in water again.. but you should be careful not to heat the honey too much, otherwise you lose fructose ;)

  3. good guy, Mircea! I am not sure I understood completely...