domenica 15 marzo 2009

nazis, runes and Che Guevara

I discovered an interesting fact today.. I was looking up the wikipedia page about runes.. near the end of that loong article, there was a section about the use of a runic alphabet in nazist Germany ..of course everybody knows that the Swastika is a symbol used by northern people to represent the sun; but I didn't know that the symbol of SS is also composed of 2 runes.. actually that runes are the SIG RUNES, similar to our current "S" and called the "sig" rune. This rune had also (like all runes) a magical meaning: it was the rune of Victory.

And here comes the point of this post. "Sieg heil" is the well-known nazi greeting, used by the propaganda of the time as one of its slogans.. and that actually means "hail victory"-- The same as "hasta la victoria"!!! very strange, huh?

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